The Question: Soul Self Inquiry

by Nov 14, 2018Nutritional Psychology, Resources & Articles

Any disorder is an invitation from your deeper self to ask yourself this key question below.

The part of you that answers is at a soul-level. It must be asked deeply and with focus, and the answer may come slowly in pieces or like a flash. This question is the one you’ve been waiting to be asked…

What would my life need to be like to release the disorder, not to need it at all?…What would my life need to feel like, from the inside out, not to have the preoccupation I do with food, exercise or weight?

How would I have to feel, in other words how would I have to experience being inside myself to not give weight or food a second thought?

You are not asking, what would replace the disorder. It’s one step deeper than that. You are asking, what way of being, feeling, relating to myself, what emotional state would I have to be in more of the time to create a life that the disorder has no use, no appeal, no energy or drive toward it…

Let your imagination go to work…just let whatever comes come. Don’t censor anything because it seems impossible or unlikely. The soul self communicates through metaphor, images, flashes of insight, dreaming, art, and synchronous events. Let your counselor know what you come up with to help inform and direct you from your own center.

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Francie White


Francie White is a theorist and practitioner in the science and art of nutritional psychology as well as a creative force investigating and teaching about philosophies of consciousness. She has a 35 year history at the forefront of treatment for all types of disordered eating, which parallels her abounding interest in the deeper questions about the nature of reality, and the importance of resurrecting wonder within the journey of human life.



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