“The Universe shivers with wonder in the depth of the human.”

Brian Swimme

Mathematical cosmologist, professor at The California Institute for Integral Studies

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One of the most exciting ideas that unites physics, cosmology, and the mystery of life is the very ancient and yet for some, the very new theory that Consciousness is primary. Whatever Consciousness is, it has always been here, timelessly aware.

“It was said by Epicurus, and he was probably right, that all philosophy takes its origin from philosophical wonder…it is precisely the common features of all experience, such as characterize everything we encounter, which are the primary and most profound occasion for astonishment…”


Erwin Schrodinger


Nobel Prize winning physicist and philosopher

from My View of the World

Francie White

Ph.D. in Philosophy with an emphasis in Consciousness

& Transformative Studies

Francie White, Ph.D., is a theorist and practitioner in the science and art of nutritional psychology as well as a creative force investigating and teaching about philosophies of consciousness. She has a 35 year history at the forefront of treatment for all types of disordered eating, which parallels her abounding interest in the deeper questions about the nature of reality, and the importance of resurrecting wonder within the journey of human life.


Dare to trust that self-inquiry is a portal to your Truth.
Within that truth, right smack within your inner life, is the golden thread to your emergence, as ideas, imagination, your form of genius takes your life to a new level.

Latest Musings on Consciousness

“Our world view and cosmology, which defines the context for everything else, is profoundly affected by the degree to which all our faculties–intellectual, imaginative, aesthetic, moral, emotional, somatic, spiritual, relational–enter the process of knowing.
How we approach ‘the other,’ and how we approach each other, will shape everything, including our own evolving self and the cosmos in which we participate.”



Richard Tarnas

Cosmos and Psyche :

Intimations of a New World View

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