Binge Eating & Over-Eating Disorders


That the full range of individual complexities within any over-eating problem can now be fully addressed, and healed – and that the seeds to fulfillment on all levels of life await discovery through the Emergence Process…

The Emergence Process

A Treatment for Overeating Problems of all types

“Here it is. Thirty five years specializing in the medical, psychological, cultural and uniquely individual solutions to overeating problems. Welcome to the dialogue and teachings of The Emergence Process; an advocacy source for all types of overeating problems.”

Components of The Emergence Process

Below are the core components that makeup this innovative approach to treating over eating disorders. Click on each component for more information…

Discovering Individual Overeating Profile

Separating Deprivation Driven Eating, Emotional Eating, Addiction theories, Neuro-chemistry, Metabolic Imbalances, Cultural Influences, Agribusiness & Food Processing Industries with Family Ties, and Soul Hungers

Advanced Levels of the Intuitive Eating / Non-diet Approach

How to use these invaluable systems, where they break down and how to work with the answers from those break downs!

Healing Exercise Resistance & Exercise Motivation Problems

Francie named Exercise Resistance Syndrome as an area to explore in a health journal in the late 90s. For a preview listen to Women in Depth Podcast, #69: A soul perspective on the fitness and exercise culture!

Gut Microbiome & Metabolic Hormone Recovery - the New Inner Body

The new fantastic malleable genetics, micro biome, neurochemistry…we are alive in action. Throw out our stagnant view of our bodies and selves. See how the next moment is truly a new day!

The 'LETS EAT! Process'

A Process of doing food tasting, adding more fats, protein, modes for interactive group recipe building, shopping list creation, cooking class demonstrations…bring real change home from visualizations to action.

Radical Self Care

Where the truth of our Being meets a new level of purpose and meaning in life. How to inspire a non-negotiable transformation in bottom line self care.

Where the politics of food comes in

Why it matters and what to know about it

Neurochemistry of Eating Addiction Patterns – Finally!

New neurochemistry and neurological patterns reveal the unique food plan modules and timing to treat the seeming addictive aspects of overeating.

The Physics of Personal Intention in Recovery

A fast track off of wasted efforts and vicious cycles in this clear-cut model of the physics of human consciousness and the power we don’t realize we have. Translated for participants & client use.

Inner Life Mapping: ‘What are we recovering TO’?

This key inspirational mapping process inspires a fundamental turning point in any human life, including those in the throws of recovery. Hidden, unchallenged, belief system pockets are revealed allowing for a wildly empowering re-mapping by each participant. This exercise repeatedly exposes blocks in client’s treatment progress and allows for fundamental soul-life contracts in recovery. It may be one of the most singly productive exercises in any personal life or treatment program.

Riot in the Pantry

How we facilitate clients to envision a whole new kitchen of foods– out with the old and in with the new, hearty, satisfying, individualized pantry overhaul. Making it fun, rebellious, creative and inspiring.

Joining the Tribe

How we are building connections through texting, photo sharing, facebook, or whatever method desired for support and creative ideas to keep EMERGENCE alive for participants seeking more connection.

Individual & Group Training

One-on-One Consultation

Available for any or all aspects of the Emergence Process and other areas of inquiry.


By invitation (on line or in person)

Professional Training

One-on-One Training & Supervision

Sessions available via FaceTime

Group Supervision, Training Lectures, & Workshops

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