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We leave the ‘civilized world’ behind and follow Tending the Feminine Psyche directly into the thrilling, grounded intelligence of the lectures, where Powerpoint is replaced by journal and art, where ‘suits’ mean swimming suits, in these “barefoot style” conferences. The topic emphasis in each retreat is always immersed in a profoundly safe, sacred, and dynamic methods of learning. Outdoor adventures every day take us into unspeakable beauty, while inner adventures through daily dance and expressive writing, art and music connect us to a soul-center awaiting connection. Descend into the body-soul through delicious farm-to-table meals, body therapies, meditation and the remembering of Tending your Feminine Psyche.

These retreats are grounded in depth psychology, yet provide a strong bend toward practical application tools galore, for individuals, groups and workshops. We stay at the cutting edge of theoretical and pragmatic approaches to nutritional psychology, and psychotherapy, with the optimistic knowing that the mental health symptoms of our time are messengers; guides within us, calling us home to our Self.

Learn how coded ancient wisdom lives within the poetry, myths and symbols we seek and guide us through turbulent times. Learn new insights on archetypes that connect us, as seeds to the Universe. “Oneness” becomes more than a concept…. 

Our Inner World or ‘Inner-Universe’ Map

This inner universe mapping processes included in many retreats, illuminates hidden core beliefs and conditioned negative values, which often go unchecked in our daily life. Once exposed, the map allows the True Core Values and your Soul’s Core Beliefs to emerge. This powerful too helps us align with a true destiny versus just following our day to day routine. The process is outstanding for professional retreats and to take home to clients, especially through those stages of treatment where motivation wavers.

The Weaving of Two Disciplines…


Conscious & Cosmology meets the Feminine Psyche…

New theories of Consciousness & Mental Health Treatments:
We know that treatment for eating disorders is rooted in psychology, medicine and nutrition. A fourth ‘dimension’ of treatment brings the philosophy of consciousness theories into treatment. Grounded in recent science discoveries, consciousness philosophies bridge transpersonal realms with didactic science, weaving what has been deemed ‘spiritual’ into a genre of breathtaking wonder as part of the new paradigm we can recover to.

Bringing Cosmology into Treatment

 Cosmology is a term for how we understand the deeper context we give to the Universe we live within, including a context for the meaning of our illnesses, symptoms, hardship and joy. Cosmology lends perspective. Enjoy the unique soul-lens through which our disorders can be viewed, with a bend toward informing us of the purpose & wonder inherent in life. WE can lean on the archetypal mythologies within anthropology and astrology , leaning on storytelling under the stars to explore the the inquiry of our ancestors and the messages we may find awaiting our inquiry.

Understand the Genius within our own and our clients’ emergent symptoms, dreams, even cognitive processes, which point toward missing elements in Self and Soul Care. Find that non-negotiable contract that our inner life beckons…Save time, cut to the chase to experience a deeper, richer day to day life. Every retreat develops a precious Self Care Contract, time well spent!

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