Identification and Treatment of Exercise Resistance: A Syndrome Associated with Eating Disorders

by Mar 12, 2018Nutritional Psychology, Resources & Articles

Article Originally Published in 1996. Available Online.

By Francie White MS, RD & Frances Montell
Department of Sociology University of California Santa Barbara, California, USA

About the Author

Francie White


Francie White is a theorist and practitioner in the science and art of nutritional psychology as well as a creative force investigating and teaching about philosophies of consciousness. She has a 35 year history at the forefront of treatment for all types of disordered eating, which parallels her abounding interest in the deeper questions about the nature of reality, and the importance of resurrecting wonder within the journey of human life.


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  1. Maria

    Thank you Francie. This is definitely a pattern I have noticed with my clients and I have searched and searched for information about working with it. I love the idea of prescribing no exercise for a time.


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